2019 Thunder in the City and 2019 Rockin the Harbor are both available online now.


The water is very bright and sometimes washed out. For any photos that are ordered that will be fixed. No need to fix pictures that are not ordered. They are centered and cleaned up, including background clean-up. More on that below.


All photos that are ordered do not include the "branding" items (event logo, PRA Eagle, extra text, etc.). Some of those items can be added to your image, but the logos were added to distinguish the pictures on social media. Again, the logos are not typically part of a finished photo unless you request them.


Toutes les photos commandées n'incluent pas les éléments "branding" (logo de l'événement, PRA Eagle, texte supplémentaire, etc.). Certains de ces éléments peuvent être ajoutés à votre image, mais les logos ont été ajoutés pour distinguer les images sur les médias sociaux. Encore une fois, les logos ne font généralement pas partie d’une photo terminée, sauf si vous en faites la demande.



Rock The Bay photos are looking pretty good. I'm not even going to deal with the brown water color except on ordered photos. I have brown water in many places, and then pretty blue water shows up unexpectedly and then back to brown. Hoping to have them online by Wednesday.




Poker Runs America's 1000 Islands poker run pictures will be available 8/23/2018. I am organizing the photos now and removing duplicates or similar images before uploading. The water ranges from blue to green to grey and will be adjusted for purchased pictures.  Pictures are printed without logos unless you ask for them to be included.


Poker Runs America's 1000 Islands Les photos de poker seront disponibles le 23/08/2018. J'organise les photos maintenant et supprime les doublons ou les images similaires avant de les télécharger. L'eau varie du bleu au vert en gris et sera ajustée pour les photos achetées. Les images sont imprimées sans logos, sauf si vous demandez leur inclusion.



Click on the icon for the event you wish to view. The poker runs are divided by boat brand for easiest access. Browse through the pictures to find your boat, then you can use the "slideshow" button, or the "dim the lights" feature to see the largest view available on this site. The "dim the lights" feature can be found by mousing over the left hand edge of the picture, then clicking "dim the lights".

If you order a package of pictures, you can choose different photographs for each print size, they do not have to be the same picture or even the same event. Just click BUY on one picture, and call or email me with the other choices.

Orders are placed through this site which also collects payment, however I work each photo in Photoshop before sending them to print. I have had great results with prints that are now coming out of the midWest, so I no longer see the final print copy. If there are any flaws in printing or other issues, simply contact me. Please contact me if you have any questions at 804-339-8039.

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Welcome to Powerboat Photos, the aerial performance boat and photography site for Randy Nuzzo. I am an aerial photographer working in the mid-Atlantic. Like other photographers, I have interest and ability besides my primary specialty of high-performance boats, including automotive, motorcycle, people, bands, and sporting events.

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