Please include your phone number in orders. I frequently have questions and far too often my emailed questions end up in spam.


The 2021 Thunder in the City poker run pictures are now online and available for purchase. As stated below, I will fix the water color and balance everything to your boat. Some of these have a blue cast to them, that won't be present in a purchased image. Also if the boat is too high and covered by the event logo, that will be corrected because I move the boat down and center it. If you have any questions please call me at 804-339-8039.


The Tiki Lee's Shootout On The River poker run photos are now online. The Kilo Run and Shootout most likely will be available after July 20 since I will be shooting Thunder in the City in Chesapeake City this weekend. The color of the water is all over the place as you will see, from really ugly green/brown to some pretty blues. I've seen the water change colors in a few hundred feet, its just the way it is. The important thing is the boat, which looks good. I can adjust the color of the water for purchased photos, but there is no point in doing that work for display-only pictures.  I may have more pictures than posted because I don't post everything I shoot, some images are so similar they are basically duplicates.


Any obstructions (black areas) will be removed and replaced with water or sky as appropriate. That occurred when I was on the opposite side of the aircraft shooting across the videographer.


Check out the "Not Sure of the Brand" gallery if you don't see your boat, and if yours is in there, let me know what it is so I can create a gallery.  There are 3 or 4 galleries by boat name (Triple Trouble, for example), because I wasn't sure what kind of boat it is.


All purchased photos are edited for water color, center alignment within the frame, etc.  Please call or write with questions, what you get is much better than you see here.


I was on the right side of the helicopter in the morning, left side in the afternoon. If you do not see your boat here, Tim Sharkey was also shooting (left side in the morning, right side in the afternon). Go to TIM SHARKEY | TIKI LEES POKER RUN 2021 and between the two of us we should have it.


The Temporary Flight Restriction in the afternoon did cause some disruption in shooting and may have caused us to miss some boats. It was unavoidable and completely out of our control, you just don't fly in a TFR zone. Unless you want to be escorted to the ground by fighter jets.


I am using a new email address for the last year or so, please use [email protected] or call me at 804-339-8039.


2021 is looking to be a great year on the Chesapeake Bay.  This year I'll be doing three events, the 2021 Rockin The Harbor out of Baltimore on June 25-26. I'll be at Shootout On The River out of Tiki Lee's on the Back River for the poker run on July 9th and the Kilo run and Shootout on the following days. Rounding out the summer will be Thunder in the City, Victor DiMarco's run out of Chesapeake City on July 16 and 17.


All photos that are ordered do not include the "branding" items (event logos, extra text, etc.). Some of those items can be added to your image, but the logos were added to distinguish the pictures on social media. Again, the logos are not typically part of a finished photo unless you request them.


Click on the icon for the event you wish to view. The poker runs are divided by boat brand for easiest access. Browse through the pictures to find your boat, then you can use the "slideshow" button, or the "dim the lights" feature to see the largest view available on this site. The "dim the lights" feature can be found by mousing over the left hand edge of the picture, then clicking "dim the lights".

If you order a package of pictures, you can choose different photographs for each print size, they do not have to be the same picture or even the same event. Just click BUY on one picture, and call or email me with the other choices.

Orders are placed through this site which also collects payment, however I work each photo in Photoshop before sending them to print. I have had great results with prints that are coming out of Missouri, so I no longer see the final print copy. If there are any flaws in printing or other issues, simply contact me. Please contact me if you have any questions at 804-339-8039 or [email protected]

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